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Bathroom Remodeling For Your Shelby Twp Home

Are you looking to get your bathroom remodeling job done quickly and correctly? Look no further! We offer a knowledgeable and friendly service to help get your job done right.

New Bathroom Trends That Are Changing the Game – Bathroom Remodeling Just Got Wild!
Warren Pipe and Supply in Fraser MI

Are you tired of the same old bathroom grind? Are you looking for ways to bring your bathroom up to date? You’re in luck, because the trends of 2023 are here and they’re ready to make a splash!

 We’ll discuss some of the must-have features that are changing the game, presenting you with ideas on how you too can create a luxurious, yet practical oasis right here in your own Shelby Twp home.

 It’s the best time to start your bathroom remodeling project by stopping by Warren Pipe & Supply, your hardware and plumbing solution since 1959.

 Get ready – it’s time for an exciting exploration into the bathroom remodeling trends taking bathrooms by storm this year! Welcome to the wild side of bathroom remodeling!

Tub or Not Tub: That is the Question

As much as we all love a good soak in a tub, homeowners across the country are calling for the removal of large built-in tubs in favor of repurposing the space for other trendy bathroom design elements.

 Think: Expanded showers or spacious linen closets.

 Removing a tub can open up a cramped bathroom floor plan, replacing it with a more serene atmosphere. And who doesn’t want to feel like they’re staying at a 5-star hotel every time they step into their own bathroom?

 With your new bathroom remodeling, say goodbye to boring bathroom eyesores and hello to a fresh, modern aesthetic.

Your Very Own Home Spa

Thanks to shifting mindsets in design, more and more people are realizing bathroom design doesn’t just have to be about function. Instead, it’s about creating a space to relax and take care of your body.

 Other spa-inspired trends – like natural and dimmable lighting, and incorporating the lush greenery of potted plants – are also on the rise in modern bathroom remodeling.

 Creating separate spaces, like partitioning the toilet area for privacy, can also help achieve a more relaxing experience in your Shelby Twp home.

A Shower of Innovations

Continuing on that theme, upgrading your shower doesn’t just have to be about functionality – it’s also about relaxation and enjoyment.

 Some of the top trends to watch out for include expanding shower sizes (thanks to all that extra room from removing the big old tub), with two-person showers being the preferred choice.

 For added comfort, shower seats are also becoming increasingly popular.

 Also, multiple showerheads and zero-entry showers are in high demand, providing accessibility for people of all ages.

 Make your shower a space to relax and unwind with the quality products you’ll find at Warren Pipe & Supply.

Nature-Inspired Colors

The color scheme in your bathroom can make a significant difference in your mood and perceptions. For that reason, the color green has become quite fashionable for bathrooms this year. Not only does it represent nature, but it also has a calming, relaxing effect on people.

 Similarly, earthy tones — warm, soft colors like cream, brown, and caramel – have shot up in popularity. These hues create a cozy ambiance, and help us feel closer to nature. You can combine them with each other to create modern, interesting designs.

 Additionally, the color of your bathroom walls can create an illusion of a larger or smaller space. Light colors can expand your bathroom visually, making them an ideal choice for smaller spaces.

The Perfect Time to Remodel

To sum it all up, this is a great year for bathroom remodeling in Shelby Twp!

 From striking layouts and innovative shower designs to new approaches in color, the possibilities of transforming your bathroom into an oasis are endless.

 Plus, with Warren Pipe & Supply boasting a wide variety of hardware and plumbing needs – along with our commitment to great customer service – you have practically everything you need to start the bathroom remodeling project of your dreams.

 So get creative and make that old bathroom sizzle! 

If you’re looking for a company to help you with a bathroom remodel in your Sterling Heights home, you need to check out Warren Pipe and Supply. We are your one stop shop for all things plumbing and we have the knowledgeable, friendly service to help you get your job done right.


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