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Toilet Repair For Your Macomb Twp Home

Are you looking to get your bathroom remodeling job done quickly and correctly? Look no further! We offer a knowledgeable and friendly service to help get your job done right.

3 Common Toilet Problems (and How to Fix Them)
Warren Pipe and Supply in Fraser MI

We all dread that moment when our toilet suddenly stops playing nice. From wobbly seats to random leaks, there are plenty of frustrating toilet problems that we’ve all faced at one time or another.

But there’s hope for Macomb Twp homeowners!

Below, we’ll explore how to tackle three common toilet issues, along with their solutions (which might even save you a plumbing bill). Let’s begin our journey into toilet-troubleshooting!


Before You Begin

Itching to tackle those toilet repairs on your own? Now hold on there, partner. Before you begin, you’ll want to make sure all the parts you buy will actually fit your particular brand and model of toilet.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the helpful staff at Warren Pipe & Supply. Our commitment to excellent customer service means we’ll do everything we can to help you find everything you need, so you can start your Macomb Twp toilet repair on the right foot.

Now let’s dive into those three common toilet problems. Get flushing!


The Wobbler

Are you stuck with a wobbly toilet seat? You’re not alone. It’s one of the most common issues people encounter in their bathrooms. But, luckily, fixing this issue is relatively straightforward.

First, uncover the bolts that hold down the seat. Then, adjust the bolts clockwise until they’re tight on each side for a snug, even fit. That may take care of the problem right away.

But if those bolts just keep spinning around with no tightening effect?

Break out the pliers and grip onto that pesky nut underneath while you tighten from above with a screwdriver. Steel screws are usually used in toilet seats – however plastic ones can be found too, so be careful not to snap them, or strip their threads. Focus on applying downward pressure with the screwdriver as you tighten up the nut from below.

And if that doesn’t bring some stability to your throne, then you can always find a wide selection of all-new toilet seats at Warren Pipe and Supply.


The Leaker

Ugh! We’ve all been there – you walk into the bathroom expecting a nice, relaxing experience, only to find your fuzzy bunny slippers drenched in toilet water.

Don’t let any mysterious leaks dampen your spirits.

First, check and tighten the bolts that secure the fill tank to the toilet bowl.

Where bolts attach the toilet directly onto the flooring, ensure they’re correctly situated and tightened properly.

If issues persist, check for cracks in the tank or bowl before deciding if you need an entirely new toilet.

And if you do need a new rig, then Warren Pipe & Supply has got you covered. We have a wide array of quality toilets. Come by the showroom!


The Runner

Ooh, this one can be a real doozy. Having a toilet that constantly runs isn’t just annoying – it can also be incredibly expensive, wasting hundreds of gallons (and dollars) every day.

A running toilet could be due to a problem in the fill tank. Start by checking the flapper valve for any signs of wear or deterioration – if it’s not sealing correctly, water may be leaking into the bowl causing that constant flow.

If the flapper valve doesn’t appear to be the reason for the problem, try replacing the entire flush valve assembly. That could do the trick right there.

Lastly, double check for any debris buildup in your existing fill valve, as blockages here may cause the water not shut off correctly either. Try cleaning out any gunk before opting for a full toilet replacement.


We’ve Got You Covered

Sure, having to tackle toilet problems isn’t exactly fun times. However, with some helpful tips and the sprawling selection of products at Warren Pipe & Supply, you can get your toilet running like new again.

Warren Pipe & Supply has you covered when it comes to getting the best hardware and plumbing supplies. You don’t have to dread those toilet problems any longer – now you can find everything you need for your own Macomb Twp toilet repair adventure!

If you’re looking for a company to help you with a bathroom remodel in your Sterling Heights home, you need to check out Warren Pipe and Supply. We are your one stop shop for all things plumbing and we have the knowledgeable, friendly service to help you get your job done right.


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