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Bathroom Sink Repair For Your Troy Home

Are you looking to get your bathroom remodeling job done quickly and correctly? Look no further! We offer a knowledgeable and friendly service to help get your job done right.

Warning! 7 Signs You Need to Repair Your Sink
Warren Pipe and Supply in Fraser MI

Ah, the bathroom sink. We use it so often that we take it for granted… At least until something goes wrong with it!

 If you’re noticing odd goings-ons around your bathroom sink – from strange noises to slow draining to nasty smells – then there may be some serious problems lurking beneath its porcelain exterior.

 Here are 7 tell-tale indicators that your Troy home’s bathroom sink needs attention…

1: Lurking Leaks

Don’t ignore those drips! A small trickle from your faucet may seem harmless at first, but when it turns into a full-blown leak, you’ll be singing a different tune – one that sounds a lot like the sound of money swirling down the drain. 

It could be as simple as a loose washer or corroded valve. But, if not, you may need to replace that leaky old faucet altogether.

 In that case, Warren Pipe & Supply has got you covered!

2: The Dreaded Drain Clog-o-Rama

An infrequent drain clog here or there is nothing to be too concerned about. It’s usually something common like the build-up of hair, soap residue, or makeup – and it can probably be cleared up with a variety of methods, from plungers to drain cleaners.

 But what about the never-ending clog-o-rama that threatens to overflow your sink every single time you use it? Or the really dicey situation where all the sinks in your Troy home won’t drain properly?

 These signs indicate a larger problem. Don’t wait for it to get worse. Get right on that bathroom sink repair!

3: Stanky Odors

Is your bathroom smelling… funky? Don’t ignore it. If you’re picking up a foul, sewage-like scent, there’s likely a deep clog in your pipes causing improper drainage and rotting.

 If there’s a distinctly rotten smell wafting up from your drain, it may be due to a cracked or clogged sewer line, or even a loose connection joint behind a wall. On the other hand, a sulfurous smell indicates corroded pipes that are starting to rust and decay.

 Either way, these odors mean trouble. To prevent further damage to your pipes, call a professional repair service to take a look.

4: Menacing Mold Growth

There’s another reason why your bathroom may be stinking to high heaven: Dangerous mold growth.

 Take a close look at your sink, faucet, and pipes, as well as the counter around them. Look for any signs of discoloration.

 If you spot anything suspicious, call in a pro before the mold spores spread and contaminate other parts of your home. And don’t disturb the mold yourself. It poses a serious health risk. Stay safe: Keep clear of the mold until a licensed professional can eliminate it for you.

5: Knocking n’ Rattling Pipes

Are you hearing an unusual knocking sound every time you turn on the faucet?

 Is it taking too long for water to reach the spout?

 Beware: A blocked pipe could be the culprit, and ignoring it can lead to a complete blockage in the near future.

 The irritating sound of knocking pipes, known in the plumbing biz as “water hammer,” occurs due to sudden stopping of water flow resulting in a shock wave that rattles through the pipes. Inadequately secured pipes or plumbing systems in older homes can also cause rattling pipes, which can get worse over time.

6: Rock Bottom Water Pressure

Is your once-refreshing shower now just a sad trickle? This might be a telltale sign that there may be a plumbing issue.

 You can check your faucet or showerhead for any signs of blockage caused by calcification. If that’s the case, you can clean it out. But, if this doesn’t help, it’s crucial to call a plumber to help you with your bathroom sink repair, and inspect for a clogged or burst pipe.

7: Wonky Water Quality

Discolored water is another sign of a plumbing problem. After all, you should normally get crystal clear water without any cloudiness or sediment.

 Rust is often the cause of yellow or orange-tinted water, which can create pesky stains in your bathroom. Green-tinted water indicates eroding copper pipes – while sediment signals a leak or break.

 If you see unusual colors in your tap water, don’t use it, and call for repairs immediately. Consuming tainted water can harm your health due to harmful bacteria.

 Any time the water is not crystal clear in your Troy home’s bathroom, shower, or toilet, you should contact a plumber right away.

Find What You’re Looking For

There you have it: 7 signs that your humble bathroom sink is calling out for help.

 If a splash of Drano and a few choice curse words doesn’t fix the problem, then come on by Warren Pipe & Supply for all your Troy bathroom repair and plumbing needs!

 As a family-owned business, we understand the value of great customer service, and we work hard every day to make sure our customers’ needs are met.

 We could save you time, money…and yes…even your sanity. So don’t wait until that dreaded “plink-plonk” becomes so loud that it wakes up every neighbor on your street! Find what you’re looking for now with Warren Pipe & Supply!


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